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Corporate Event Photo Booths

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Corporate Event Photo Booth 

Elevate your company's presence at your South Florida trade show or brand activation event with one of our top-tier photo booth rentals.

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Photo Booths as a Marketing Tactic

Discover the power of photo booths as a strategic marketing tool for your corporate events. Drive brand recognition and engagement with custom branding options. Increase social media exposure as attendees share their branded photos, extending your event's reach and impact.


Making Your Corporate Event Memorable

Enhance your corporate event's memorability with our 360 photo booth experience in Miami and South Florida. Elevate attendee engagement and networking as they capture fun and shareable moments. Our sleek, user-friendly photo booths create lasting impressions that ensure your event stands out.


Capturing Leads at Corporate Events

Turn event attendees into valuable leads with our photo booths. Seamlessly collect guest data through interactive experiences, such as digital contests and surveys. Unlock actionable insights and grow your prospect list, all while providing a memorable experience at your corporate event.

Limited Photo Booths Available. Call us Now!

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Trade Show Photo Booths in South Florida

Elevate your South Florida trade show presence with our diverse range of photo booths, including 360 photo booths, digital photo booths, printing photo booths, and roaming photo booths. These innovative photo experiences are designed to captivate attendees and make a lasting impression. Whether you're looking to create immersive 360-degree shots, instant digital keepsakes, branded prints, or capture candid moments throughout your trade show, our photo booth options cater to your unique needs. Our customizable branding ensures that your booth reflects your brand's identity, leaving a powerful mark on potential clients and partners. These photo booths are not only engaging but also valuable marketing tools that effortlessly collect leads through interactive features like digital contests and surveys. Make your next South Florida trade show a memorable success with our versatile photo booth solutions that seamlessly blend entertainment and marketing prowess.


They booked a photo booth for their Corporate Event!

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At Esteem 360 Studios, we pride ourselves on doing outstanding print photo booth, 360 photo booth and digital photo booth rentals with some of the most notable brand and cities in the South Florida area. Contact us today to bring the Esteem experience to your venue.

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South Florida Event Photo Booth Rentals

360 Photo Booth for Corporate Events

Transform your South Florida corporate event into an immersive experience with our 360 photo booth. Captivate attendees with stunning panoramic shots that capture the essence of your event. Whether it's a conference, trade show, or company celebration, our 360 photo booth elevates engagement, leaving a memorable mark.

Digital Photo Booths for Corporate Events

Instantly elevate your corporate event with our digital photo booths. Attendees can create and share digital keepsakes in real-time. These shareable moments spread across social media, increasing your event's exposure and fostering connections among guests. Perfect for team-building events, seminars, and product launches.

Printing Photo Booths for Corporate Events

Add a touch of elegance to your corporate event with our printing photo booths. Guests can take home beautifully branded prints, solidifying their connection to your brand. Ideal for galas, award ceremonies, and corporate dinners, our printing photo booths create tangible memories that last.

Roaming Photo Booths for  Corporate Events

Capture candid moments and spontaneous interactions at your corporate event with our roaming photo booths. These versatile booths move throughout the venue, ensuring no memorable moment goes unnoticed. Whether it's a networking event, cocktail reception, or holiday party, our roaming photo booths add an element of spontaneity and excitement.

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